Allows users to contact you using a contact form. You can ask for feedback on your products, or have your customers requesting an appointment from within the app. You can even let clients send you a photo. You can customize the "Thank You" message your clients see after submitting the form.


  1. Adding the Contact form block
  2. Customizing the Field Descriptions
  3. Configuring the Contact Form block


Adding the Contact form block

  1. Click on Add block.
  2. Select the Contact form block and click Next.
  3. Fill in the recipient e-mail address. This is the e-mail address that the contact forms will be sent to.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Fill in the name of the block.
  6. Click on the icon if you want to change the image used in the menu.
  • Edit provides a wide range of image editing options for you to manipulate your icon image.
  • Replace allows you to choose from a wide range of AppMachine icons or upload your own.
  • Remove removes the icon so that only text is used.
  • When you’re done, click Finish.

Customising the Field Descriptions

  1. Select the Contact Form block in your app.
  2. Make sure the Settings tab is selected.
  3. Customise the following fields
  • Description: 
The text to be shown above the contact form fields.

  • Field 1 - 3: 
A small textbox that can be used for information like a name, username, email address, etc.

  • Field 4: 
A bigger textbox that can be used for descriptions or long text messages.

  • Text on send button: 
The text that will be shown on the send-button in the top left corner of the screen. (max. 10 characters)

  • Photo Field: Allows the app user to send an image along with the submitted contact form.
  • Recipient email address: 
The email address that the contact forms will be sent to.

  • Thank you title: 
The title that will be shown in the navigation bar after a user submits a contact form.

  • Thank you message: 
The message that will be shown in the screen after a user submits a contact form.

  • To save the changes, click Save.

Configuring the Contact Form block

Now that you've added the "Contact Form" building block, it's time to configure it. There are only two settings screens available here: Settings and Design.

Settings allows you to influence how the block will function and the Design settings will determine the aesthetics of the block. 


Here you can change a number of things like:

  • The name of the building block
  • The icon that will show up in the app menu
  • The top image
  • The values of the different contact form fields. 

Should the need arise to keep the users of your published app from using this portion of the app, then you can always make use of the "ON/OFF" sliding selector.

Slide the selector to "OFF" to keep users from seeing the Events block. Now you can continue developing your app without worrying about users coming upon areas that you haven't finished developing as of yet. Once you are satisfied with your progress, slide the selector back to "ON" to publish this portion of your app.


These settings allow you to make aesthetic changes to your app in magnificent detail. If you'd like to know more about how Design works, click here