If you wish to publish your app to the app stores as a paid app, please send an email to support@appmachine.com with the following subject: "Publishing - [appname] [appnumber]" when publishing your app. There are a couple of things that you will have to take into account before publishing a paid app to the stores:

1. The app will have to be published on your own developer account for both Apple and Google. If you do not yet have an Apple and/or Google developer account you can read how to register one on the following pages:
Apple - https://appmachine.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/80000978304
Google - https://appmachine.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/80000978458

2. When publishing the Apple app, we will submit the app on your account. After the app has been submitted to the Apple App Store you will be able to set a price tier for your app in iTunes Connect. Before being able to set your own price, you will have to accept Apple's "iOS Paid Applications" contract. You can find and accept this contract by logging in on https://itunesconnect.apple.com/ using your Apple Developer account. Open the "Contracts, Tax, and Banking" page from the main menu, request the contract and accept it.

3. When publishing the Google app, we submit the app in the Google Developer console but you yourself will have to publish the app. The reason that you will have to publish the app yourself is because you have to add a Google Merchant account to your own Google Developer account. Without a Google Merchant account you cannot sell an app in the Google Play Store. After adding a Google Merchant account to your Google Developer account you will be able to set a price for your app and publish it to the store. Because we have already filled out all the technical details of your app, publishing your app will simply be a one-click action.

Apple and Google both take a 30% commission from your proceeds. As mentioned earlier, you will have to choose a price tier for your Apple app. An overview of the available price tiers can be found on the following webpage: http://i.imgur.com/LLWAw.png. Google doesn't have price tiers and allows you to make your own price for the app.

Also take into account that Apple will only start paying out when the proceeds of the app are higher than $150 for a given territory. So before you will get paid, your app will have to make at least $150 in proceeds in the given territory. In Apple's words:

"If your proceeds from sales for a given currency/territory for a given month are less than $150 USD, or the equivalent in local currency, we will withhold payment until you accumulate more than $150 USD (or equivalent)."

You can also read more about how to sell your app in the google play store in this article