Having too many blocks in your app rarely offers your users the best user experience. It makes your app larger to download, it can make your app slower and, in some cases, it could even make your app crash.

When you have a lot of blocks, chances are that you are adding the same blocks over and over again but with slightly different content. In this case, we recommend using AppMachine's Pro version and placing all this data in an Excel file.

For example:

"I have an app that contains all the Restaurant, Shops, Gas stations and Hotels in 50 Cities in my country."

It would seem that the easiest way to build this is to create a submenu for each city and then add 4 POI blocks per city. One for each category.
This would cause the amount of blocks you use to increase rapidly. Having 4 blocks per city, including the submenu block, will result in an app that soon has 250+ blocks. As you might have already realised; if you wanted to add another category for each city, the app will grow quite quickly.

In case you have this repeating block structure, it would be considerably better to put your data in an Excel file, build your app for one city and then repeat that structure for each city in your excel file with the Link block.

But how do I do this?

We have 2 great articles that will:

  • help you put your data in an excel
  • explain how to use this data in yellow blocks
  • and re-use this structure in other blocks with the Link block

1. Use data from an excel
2. Reuse data with the Link block

If you need help setting this up, please contact support@appmachine.com with your 000XX app number, your account email address and the block with which you are trying to achieve this.