Great that you are participating in the beta program of our new publishing flow where your app will be published with our new publishing flow. This also means that the new Flutter version of your app will be published to the app stores. 

We are grateful that you want to participate in the beta program and we will help you with every step along the way.

Starting June 15 the first customers can start using the new updated Publishing flow, which will use: 

  • a much improved Apple App Store publishing flow
  • a Google Play Store flow which uses AAB files
  • uploads the new Flutter application which matches the version of your app which you see in the right side of the AppMachine Designer

If you have enlisted for our beta program and Arne Postma has enrolled you, you will be able to start using our new publishing in this way: 

  1. Open your app in the current Designer and click the Publish Now button in the top right corner 
  2. AppMachine will automatically check if it is possible to publish your app via the new flow based on the following criteria
    1. Is your app paid for? 
    2. Is this the first time the app is being published to the app stores?
    3. Does your app contain blocks which are not supported yet in the new publish flow like Javascript, Loyaltycard or Coupons?
      => in that case you cannot publish your app with the new flow yet.
    4. Is your app Multilingual or has a Default language which is not English?
      => in that case you cannot publish your app with the new flow yet
  3. If your app is according the new guidelines, you will see this screen, where you will need to choose Publish Flutter app

    If you don't see this screen and you do want to participate in the beta program, please send an email to 

  4. That will open our New publishing dashboard, which will look like this:
  5. Please follow these two articles to help you to get your app published to both app stores: 

We have tested these flows extensively in the past few weeks, but you might experience some issues. 

  • We want you to know that our whole team is available for you to fix any problems which might arise as soon as possible.
  • For us to be able to help you as quickly as possible we ask you to 
    1. Use the articles in this section of our Help center: 
    2. Whenever you don’t understand something, email immediately with the words “Publish beta” in the title and a specification of the issue.
    3. Please always include your app number and screenshots to explain the issue to us. 

We are very excited to get this beta started and get your apps published to the app stores as quickly as possible!