This article describes how to create a Google developer account which you need to be able to upload your own app to the Google Play Store

This article describes one of the steps you have to take to get your app  published in the Google Play App Store. Click here to see all of the steps.

Google Developer Program

  1. Go to and log in with an existing Google account. If you do not yet have a Google account, please create one by clicking on the "Create account"-button.

  2. Once you've logged in,  choose to create a developer account for personal use or for an organisation or business.

  3. Provide your or your companies) contact information.
  4. Enable both Terms.
  5. Please note that the email address and phone number that you provide will have to be verified via email and/or text message.

  6. Now you need to pay for your developer account, this only works via credit card. Please make sure that the cardholder name mentioned on the credit card is equal to the contact information that you've provided in the previous step.

  7. After completing your registration for a Google Developer Account you will automatically be redirected to Google's Developer Console. Once you see an interface similar to the screen shown below, your Google Developer account is almost ready for use.

  8. You will also receive an email from Google to verify your identity. This is required to do before you can submit your first app. We advice you to do this as soon as possible, as it might take a few days to get your identity verified.
    Click on the blue button in the email below.
  9. Begin the verification. 
  10. You will need to have a copy of your ID at hand. You can make a photo with your phone and upload the image
  11. Enter your name and address from your ID
  12. This verification might take a few days.