Adding a link or button to another block can be useful in your app. This tutorial explains how to add a link or button in the text / description field in your app.

Adding a link or button to another block

In this case I will use the information block as an example. But it should work in other blocks too that have a description field.

  • Click on the text area so you will see the WYSIWYG bar:
  • Select the block selector button:
  • Select the block you want to link to:
  • A link is created in the text area:


Manually setting up the link

If for whatever reason the block selector screen does not show any blocks, or you just want to set this up manually, you can do this by following these steps: 

  • Determine which block you want to lead your users to. Hover over the block with your mouse and wait until you see the tooltip that shows the internal name of the building block:
    Remember the internal name as you'll need it later.

  • Open the HTML view of your description field:

  • Find the text you want to use to add the link to:
    In this case I want to add a link to the "here" part of the text.

  • Use the following example and edit it with the text (replace "here") and internal block name (replace "People2") of your choice: 
    <a href="block://People2">here</a>

    It should look something like this:

  • Save your changes. The link should now work:

If you want a button in your text area:

  • Open the HTML editor again.

  • Add the following code to your HTML:
    <button type="button"><a href="block://Video1">Video</a></button>

This will create a button with a link to a block with the internal block name "Video1".