Making your own app is easy with AppMachine software! The first step is to crawl your website, the second step is to fill your app with content that's already available on the internet: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and to decide what else you want to show in your app.


AppMachine CMS

If you don’t have any live data to download, or if you’d rather update your data yourself, just use AppMachine’s CMS. It lets you update photos, product information, colleague and team data, POIs, or any other text. The app then displays the information you entered using the CMS.

When you make changes you can push these right to the app once it's been published.

Add Building Blocks

We have built over 35 pre coded blocks for you. Take a look at all the blocks by clicking on add block. Do you need specific help with one of our blocks? Read about the settings of every block in our Knowledge Base.



You can view your app live while you are building it! Connecting your smartphone to the browser makes it even easier! While building you can see the changes on the screen in the AppMachine CMS, but also on your smartphone after downloading the previewer.

Plus or Pro app?

AppMachine apps come in two different flavors: Plus and Pro. Every app starts its life as a Plus app. If you want to use a feature reserved to the Pro app, you will get the option to upgrade your app. You don't have to commit to a particular app version and price in advance, you can determine your needs as you go along.  Read more about the differences between Plus and Pro apps here.

Next step

Step Three in the Quick Start Guide is about designing your app. Good luck with adding content to your app!

We are always available at our Support Desk to answer your questions. Otherwise, refer to the articles and videos we've created for you in our Help Center to help you build your app.