This document will walk you through the process of sending push messages to your app users.
Push messages can be used to promote your product(s) and inform your customers of certain events in or outside of your app.

How to send a push message

  1. Navigate to and log in with your AppMachine account.
  2. Open the app to which you would like to send a push message.
  3. Click on "Dashboard" in the left vertical menu
  4. On the "Dashboard", you will find a table called ‘Push Message’. Click this table to open it.
  5. On entering the ‘Push Message’ section, navigate to the ‘List’ tab. This tab gives you an overview of all planned and sent push messages.
  6. Click the ‘+’ button at the top of this overview to schedule a push message.
  7. When adding a new push message, you will have to fill out a few fields in order for it to become successful. The required fields are marked.
  8. Enter the message you wish to sent to your users in the ‘Message’ field. Please note that a push message is limited in size, so try to keep your message within one or two sentences. User are more likely to read and act on shorter messages.
  9. Use the ‘Send from’ field to set a time and date for your push message. This can be used to schedule your push messages. Please note that the base time zone is UTC.
  10. Aside from the required fields there are a few optional fields you can use to enhance your push messages. The ‘Start when push message is opened’ option will open the app in a given building block in your app when a user opens the push message. Besides this you can use the Android or iOS setting to specify the devices to which you would like to send your push notification.
  11. After filling out the fields, hit the 'Finish' button to schedule the push message.

 Please note: The "open block" feature mentioned in step 10 may behave differently when using the "Sliding menu" style as main menu in your app.