When you're experiencing issues with the App Previewer you may need to clear the cache to quickly resolve them. 

This guide will show you how to clear the cache in the Android App Previewer and the old iOS App Previewer without reinstalling the apps. 

Note: The iOS version is no longer available for downloading in the App Store, but you may still have it installed on your iOS device. 


  1. Open the settings of your Android device and locate the "Apps" section. Depending on the device you have and it's Android version this section can have different names. (Apps, Applications, etc) 

  2. After opening the "Apps" section, locate the App Previewer app in the list presented.

  3. Click on the App Previewer and open the Storage page.

  4. Clear the data and cache of the App Previewer. (Note that you may have to click two buttons to remove both the data and cache)

  5. Restart the App Previewer. 

This should clear the cache for the whole App Previewer on Android.

iOS (legacy)

  1. Open the App Previewer on your iOS device. 

  2. Open one of your apps. 

  3. Click on the "i" information button and then "Settings". 

  4. Open the Disk cache page.

  5. Clear all data.

This should clear the cache for at least the app you've opened. There is no option to clear the whole cache without reinstalling. 


You can also "remove" the app from the App Previewer to clear it's cache. On Android you can hold down your finger on the app when you have the list of "My apps" opened in the App Previewer. On iOS you can swipe the app to reveal the delete button. 

Restarting the App Previewer will cause the app to show up again. 

Note: This does not affect the app on your AppMachine account, it'll only remove it from the App Previewer.