There are 3 ways to influence the design of your app. It's time to make your app look beautiful! Changing the colors, background images, top images and icons of your app is easy. Use the colors of your visual identity to match the app with your website or choose the colors you like the most. Read more about Design here.

Navigation style

It’s time to choose a homescreen design and the way users will navigate through your app. Read the article: How to design a homescreen 

Design per building block

You can change the design for each individual building block. If your app requires different areas in your app with a different look and feel, you will need this functionality. It’s as easy as it looks.

Next Step

Step Four in the Quick Start Guide is all about about publishing your app.

We are always available at our Support Desk to answer your questions. Otherwise, refer to the articles and videos we've created for you in our Help Center to help you build your app.

Good luck designing your app!