This article shows you which elements of an app can be edited by your clients using the White Label Client CMS. 

Once an app is published to the app stores, your client will see an "Update" button in the CMS to send his changes to the apps users.

Editable blocks

CallPhone number
ContactAll fields
Contact FormAll fields
CouponsCoupon fields
EmailAll fields
EventsList of events with all the details, not via Facebook, Bands in Town etc.
FAQList of FAQ
InformationTop image and description
IntroList of Intro screens
MusicOnly when using "Manual" option. Add tracks.
PeopleList of People with all details
PhotosOnly if you use AppMachine CMS to upload photos
POIList of all locations with all details
ProductsList of all products with all details
URLSList of all URLs
Loyalty CardList of rewards
ExcelThe data itself on the tab Data (PRO)
Web PageThe URL

Non-editable blocks

The following blocks cannot be edited by the client, because they are either too complicated or the reseller configures the block once and it will likely never change. If changes need to be made, the reseller can do it for their clients.

Facebook, Music, Radio, RSS, Submenu, Twitter, Video, Checkout, Lock, QR-code scanner, Discography, Spotify, Custom JS, Flexible Form and  Screen.