You want to use a field from web service X as an input parameter for web service Y. So how do you do this ?


Situation: We have "patients" and we want to use the id from the current patient to be used as an input parameter for web service Y.


1. Go to your detail view of your patient

2. Go to the Logic tab -->

3. Select "Set Property" and fill in the name of the property and the value.

"patient1" is the name of our property and "patient._id" is a field from Web Service X.


4. Click "Save" and you will see the above screen.


5. Now we can use the property as an input for Web Service Y like this:


patient is the field that your web service needs and the value is {script:patient1} where patient1 is the name of our property that we just made in the Logic tab of our detail view of the current patient.

So is everything went well this should work like a charm.

Short re-cap:

1. Set property in detail view in the

2. use it in your web service as a value like {script:propertyName}