Under "Designer" you will find the following:

Images & buttons

  • Cell separator: Uploading an image here will replace the color line separator in a list of cells. 
  • Default Button: This button appears frequently in the app. Uploading a default button replaces the color setting sets for buttons.
  • Information: This is the small "i" in the top right corner of the home menu. The info screen displays information about the app. 
  • Back Button: the back button in iOS apps. 
  • Home Button: This button is used in a some types of menus. 
  • Search Bar: Aesthetics of the Search Bar in lists.
  • Cancel Button: The "x" (clear) button in the search bar.
  • Tab Header Buttons: The design used for buttons in views with tabs. These tabs are used in Twitter or Video building blocks when there are multiple users attached.
  • Browse Button Previous/Next: The default and "clicked" versions of the buttons that allow you to navigate through lists of content.
  • Calendar Image: The background image displayed under the date of an activity in the Events building block.
  • Favourited Button: The active and inactive state of the button used to "Favourite" content.
  • Mail Button: The default and "click" versions of the button used to compose mail.

Music player

Here you can adjust the look of your music player.

Photoshop file

  • Under the "Photoshop" view of the Design block you can download a photoshop file that includes all the default elements described above. These are the elements that you can customise to your own design.
  • The file contains layers, each with a separate element. It also lists the maximum height and width possible for each of these elements. You can use this photoshop file as a template to design your own buttons, etc. You can then upload these one by one in the appropriate fields.
  • We are working on a feature that will cut all your customised elements out of a single photoshop file template.