Application - Google Analytics Link

AppMachine apps have a powerful analytics dashboard. This dashboard displays detailed information about how your app is being used. If you'd like to have an even more detailed overview of how people are using your app and navigating your website you'll need to link the app with a Google Analytics Tracking ID. You can read more about how to do this below.

Your website should already be using Google Analytics for this to work. If your website does not make use of Google Analytics yet then we recommend you start doing so. It's free and can grant you access to a lot of information about how people are using your website. If you do already use Google Analytics please follow these steps:

Go to and:

  1. Log in
  2. Click on your site
  3. Click on Admin in the bottom left corner
  4. Click on Account List in the top left corner
  5. Click on the "+ New Property" button
  6. Click on "website"
  7. Under "Website Name" enter the name of your app (here "My Own App")
  8. Under "Website URL" enter your website's URL ( here "")
  9. Enter your timezone and Industry Category
  10. Click on "Get Tracking ID". You will be provided with a code that looks like this 'UA-12257899-2'
  11. Enter this code at AppMachine in the Google Analytics field. You don't need to enter this code on your website. This one is unique to the app.