Lists are frequently used in AppMachine. This is why you will find a List tab at the top of the menu:

Lists are used to enter data in the AppMachine CMS. Although some list items are specific to a particular building block, many functions are identical. We will discuss the latter category here.

The following navigation elements are available in a list:

Adding new content

  1. Click on the Add icon to add a new item to your list.
  2. Enter the content of your new item.
  3. Save your entry by clicking Save.

Editing your content

Hover the cursor over an existing entry to edit, rearrange or delete it.

  • Edit: select the pen icon and edit the content. When you're done click Save.
  • Rearrange: grab the handle on the right side of your entry to rearrange the order it will be displayed in the app.
  • Delete: click on the garbage can to delete the entry from your block.