When working on your JavaScript block on your local machine you need to publish your changes to your app before you can view the result in your app. There are two approaches on publishing your changes:

  1. Publishing your changes manually;
  2. Publishing your changes using grunt.

Publishing your changes manually

When you are working locally and not using our grunt tasks you can publish your changes manually.

  1. Open your working directory (the directory containing the files of your JavaScript block) on your local machine;
  2. Open the app folder;

  3. Select all the files, and compress them into a regular zip archive;
    Note: the zip archive should contain the content of the app folder, not the "app" folder itself.
  4. Now that you have a zip archive containing the content of your JavaScript block go to https://design.appmachine.com and sign in;

  5. Open the app containing the JavaScript you are working on;
  6. Click the Replace file button next to the source of your JavaScript block;

  7. Click Save to save your changes.

However, you can save yourself a lot of time using our grunt tasks. These tasks will allow you to do all of this with just one action.
Need help setting up grunt? Check out this article.

Publishing your changes using grunt

Publishing your changes using grunt is way easier than publishing your changes manually. Before you can use this feature you need to perform the steps in the Getting started article, if you already did proceed with the following steps:

  1. Start a terminal session or open your command prompt window;
  2. Change your working directory to the directory containing your JavaScript block content;
  3. Run the following command:
    grunt publish
  4. Once completed your JavaScript block should contain all your local modifications.