Click on a building block's icon to reveal the Edit, Replace, Remove options for that icon.


Click on "Edit" to make changes to the icon presently used for that building block. This opens the Aviary image editor which features a number of advanced editing options.

Here you can crop, rotate, apply color filters, apply artistic filters, etc. Some of these options won't have much effect on smaller, black or white icons. They are generally more effective on larger photos. Click "Save" to confirm the changes you've made.


Clicking on "Replace" allows you to select a new icon from a number of different sources.

  • Default - This shows the standard icon sets offered by AppMachine. Clicking on one of these sets will display a selection of icons in a particular style. Find one that fits the purpose of your building block and click on it to apply it to that block.
  • Web - This shows the images that were found during our scan of your website when you created the app.
  • Upload - "Upload" gives you the option of uploading a new image to the AppMachine CMS to be used as an icon. You can upload this image from your local system or import one from a URL.
  • Search - Here you can search an image by using search terms specified by you. AppMachine displays search results images from Google in the Wizard. Please note that not all images can be used in your app as they are copyrighted images. Make sure you check whether you can use an image before publishing your app.
  • App Images - This option displays all the images that are being used in your app so far.


You remove the current image to display a text-only menu item.