When you activate your smartphone, the first thing you see is the home screen with small images of all your installed apps. The small image is called an "icon", the text under it is called “springboard title. This title usually carries a maximum of around 12-13 letters (including spaces). This may vary depending on the width of the letters you’re using.


You can test your app’s potential name by creating a folder on your iPhone. This allows you to experiment using different names for your app.

  • To make a new folder, hold your finger down on an app until it starts shaking.
  • Drag the app over another app to create a folder.
  • You can now edit the folders name. (To edit it again just hold down on the folder’s icon until it start shaking.)

There are many factors that can influence the number of letters you can use in your app’s name. For example, “Markus Schulz” doesn’t fit; “Markus schulz” does fit, as does “markus schulz”. Ultimately, we chose to go with “MarkusSchulz”.

The app stores give you the opportunity to use a longer name in the stores. There are also search terms that you can designate to your app so that potential users can find your app more easily.

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