Once you enroll in the Reseller program you will notice a new tab in your App Dashboard labeled “Reseller”.

This filter will show all your apps that you have labeled as reseller apps.

A reseller app is an app which you are sharing with all your co-workers of your organization. So for example, the designer and the copy-writer can both work on each app and the project manager may want to keep an eye on the progress as well.

(Please note that this is different functionality then the "Team Members" option. With that option, you can share the app with your clients.)

  1. To add members to your agency, go to the Reseller account settings in the top left corner (1):

  2. Select the Members tab (2)

  3. To add a new team member, just click Add team member (3) and fill in the details

  4. To make an app visible to all members of your team select an app, select Settings > Reseller in the left side bar
  5. Check the box Visible for all members of the reseller program

    Please note: You only need to use this functionality if you are working internally with more than one person on the app.